If you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments, help is available.

You are not alone. Over this past year hundreds of homeowners have contacted us to assist them. Each story is different. Some people lost jobs and income, others had a health crisis. Taxes have hurt many homeowners and high heating costs hurt others. For most, it’s a combination of all these factors. No matter what your struggle is, RUPCO can help. Our counselors can help you assess where you are, and get you started on a new path. They can talk to banks, help find legal help, work with you to plan a new budget and fix a credit score.

And no matter what your struggle is, the sooner you get help, the more solutions there are available to you. So please don’t wait another day. While you’re here, contact us! We’re waiting for your call.


We’re Here to Help

Getting Started

We’ll help you assess your situation and take control of the process.

Step One

Collecting Information

To get efficient and effective service, it is critical that you collect important data related to your foreclosure situation.

Step Two

Gather Your Documents

Don’t be overwhelmed, most of these documents will be required if we can assist you in getting a modification and having them at your first interview will speed the process significantly.